ALK Technologies announced PC*Miler Web Services 25. Included with the Premium feature option are new time-based features and enhancements including new real-time, predictive and historical traffic speed data.

These features provide a predictive calculation of route-specific time of day and time of week-based transit times to improve load planning and hours-of-service compliance. This traffic speed data is included free of charge in PC*Miler 25 until the release of PC*Miler 26 in 2012.

Through a partnership with Inrix, a leading international provider of traffic information and driving services, users can see real-time traffic maps as well as access traffic forecasts for more than 1 million miles of roads across the United States and Canada.

Developed in Microsoft .Net and packaged as a Web Service, the product offers a standardized way to embed the truck-specific routes, mileage, maps, and reports of PC*Miler with third party Web Services, .Net or Web-based applications.

This SaaS application enables transportation and logistics companies, as well as third-party software developers, to rapidly deploy applications using PC*Miler 25 routing, mileage and mapping.

Users can generate routes and toll costs based on the time of day for heavy-duty trucks, light vehicles and automobiles. PC*Miler 25 also makes it simple to define a departure or arrival date and time to calculate more realistic transit times. Users can also benefit from new map tools to create geofences. When a route crosses a geofence, PC*Miler Web Services either displays a warning in the route itinerary or avoids the geofenced area altogether, depending on user preferences.

PC*Miler Web Services 25 offers quarterly map, toll costs and routing updates.