Take the guesswork and eyeballing out of loading to maximum legal height with the improved Life Saver height stick from Auto Hauler Supply.
The latest version of the Life-Saver stick is made of extra thick fiberglass and comes in four sections rather than the previous three-section stick. It extends to 15 feet, but folds down to just 58 in. for easy stowage. Measurement indices on the bright orange stick are in standard and metric. It comes with a custom fitted soft cloth storage bag.

The four-foot horizontal arm comes with soft rubber caps to protect the vehicle roofs, and thick durable bottom cap protect the stick from splintering. The spring locks are said to be extra durable. Replacement caps and spring locks are available from autohaulersupply.com.

List price is $149.95 plus shipping.

Don't turn that Suburban into a convertible. Measure the height of your load and know the exact height.

More info: www.autohaulersupply.com