ALK Technologies' new RouteSync lets users synchronize PC*Miler routes planned in the back-office with the CoPilot Truck GPS navigation system.

RouteSync gives users in-vehicle consistency with industry-standard PC*Miler routing and mileage used for dispatch, billing, driver payroll, fuel tax reporting, rating, costing and other core management applications.

Dispatchers can send PC*Miler-optimized routes directly to CoPilot Truck running on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and netbooks. RouteSync lets users define stop order, trip options (Practical, Hazmat, Toll Discouraged, etc.), custom routing preferences, and vehicle dimensions (Height, Weight, 53' Trailer, etc.) in PC*Miler, to then send to CoPilot Truck.

"Operational consistency with dispatched routes and actual routes driven is a critical factor in controlling costs and improving driver satisfaction," says Michael Kornhauser, ALK senior vice president, Enterprise Solutions. "RouteSync provides the transportation and logistics industry with the crucial link between the planned route in the back office and the navigated route in the cab, providing drivers the guidance to drive the miles that are being billed."

RouteSync offers a flexible approach to minimize the mileage variance between actual and planned routes. With RouteSync, users can select one of three levels of strictness for CoPilot Truck to navigate back to the planned PC*Miler route. Based on the level chosen, RouteSync compares actual driver location to prescribed routes, with out-of-route alerts reported in real-time via email to dispatchers or fleet managers. Out-of-route mileage is also reported via email immediately after each trip.

RouteSync functionality will be available for CoPilot Truck via the Apple App store and the Android Market. It will also be available for PC*Miler Windows and PC*Miler|Web monthly subscription service. Future releases of PC*Miler|Connect, PC*Miler Web Services and CoPilot Truck Professional integration products will allow for the integration of ALK's RouteSync functionality with transportation management, fuel optimization, routing and scheduling, and mobile communications systems. CoPilot Truck Professional is currently available for leading mobile communications systems and ruggedized mobile devices.