The Weighted Spill Tray from Andax Industries is the latest innovation in portable leak containment products.

The WST rolls up and is easily carried to the source of a leak. It's constructed of heavy-duty, safety orange material with sealed-in weights on both sides of the containment tray to anchor the WST where you place it.

The WST includes a thick, field-replaceable, oil-selective, multi-layered absorbent pad with a leak-proof bottom making replacement and cleanup easy. The company says it is ideal for use in outdoor, windy environments where most spill pads would blow away or leak through to the ground. It's also useful indoors for persistent leaks on the shop floor.

The Weighted Spill Tray is reusable; replace the pad using the handles. The absorbent pads are incinerable to less than 2% ash.

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