Ken-Tool introduced the EZ Tire Rotator, a roller insert for popular tire inflation cages.

The 36014 - T114 EZ Tire Rotator roller insert improves the service technician's safety and efficiency while inflating a heavy-duty tire in a safety inflation cage.

The patent-pending EZ Tire Rotator cage accessory allows the service tech to roll the mounted wheel and tire into the cage. By simply rotating the wheel/tire assembly, the valve stem can be correctly positioned for pressurizing the tire.

The tech does not have to physically lift or remove the wheel and tire from the cage and roll it around to reposition the valve stem to get the proper orientation. It also helps to prevent a technician's hand from being pinched when attaching a clip-on air chuck.

Made in the USA of high quality steel, the EZ Tire Rotator insert fits any Ken-Tool 3-, 4-, and 5-bar cage as well as most other tire cages on the market. The 2" x 9.5" rollers feature heavy-duty steel ball bearings and the assembly is quickly installed by tipping and sliding it into the cage.

It is securely held in place by two arms on each side, which use the vertical cage tubes to center and locate the platform on the cage floor. It can be easily transferred between cages.

In the event that a tire and wheel assembly should explode in the cage, the EZ Tire Rotator remains secure in the bottom of the cage and will not present any hazards of flying objects.

The EZ Tire Rotator Inflation Cage Roller Insert weighs 19 pounds and is UPS shippable.