Michelin Americas Truck Tires introduced a new tire and a new retread size offering for refuse applications.

The Michelin XZUS2 tire delivers up to a 20 percent increase in removal miles over its predecessor the XZUS tire. The new XZUS 280 retread size completes the XZUS Pre-Mold retread line for the most commonly used sizes in refuse applications.

The XZUS2 tire features Co-Ex Technology, which combines a scrub-resistant compound for long tread life and a cool base tread compound to reduce temperatures in the crown area and preserve the casing. For application-specific protection, the tire features a robust shoulder design and protector ribs, as well as an optimized bead design which improves retreadability. The tire is available in a 315/80R22.5 size.

The latest size offering for the popular XZUS Pre-Mold Retread, the 280 tread size, extends the ability to maximize the tire lifecycle in refuse applications. The XZUS Pre-Mold retread line, including the new 280 size, also comes with Co-Ex Technology, which preserves casing life and optimizes removal mileage.