Hegemon Electronics has developed a "Plug and Play" device that connects to the J1708 bus and transmits the data from the ECM to an app on a SmartPhone/Tablet so a driver can carry his data with him.

Power Line Carrier Technology transmits digital data onto the vehicles power line and allows tractor to trailer communications without adding any new wires.

The PLC4TRUCKS PLC Gateway Bluetooth module provides a bi-directional link for the J1708 device to access PLC messages on the tractor and trailer ABS wire.

The Bluetooth link will transmit the data to a smartphone or tablet to comply with the requirement for 389.65 for HOS reporting. The module can directly read and program the PLC Identifier/Tag and thus allow wireless devices to read tractor or trailer IDs and establish a link.

The unit allows off-the-shelf mobile or fixed application platform options including: iphone/ipad; Blackberry/playbook; Motorola; Android and more.

The unit also keeps a personal record of activities for HOS and CSA reports and has routing functions.

Features of PLC EOBR Gateway/Bluetooth include:

* Bidirectional communications on the Bluetooth link to a SmartPhone
* Bidirectional communication on the PLC Bus
* 10 to 32 VDC Operating Voltage
* RS232 or J1708 or RS485 compatibility
* Automatic ignition on detection