PCS Software has released Mobile XpressTrax for the iPhone.
Mobile XpressTrax is an iPhone-based, GPS and driver communications application that interfaces to the PCS, Express Transportation Management Systems.

Mobile XpressTrax uses the iPhone's GPS technology to deliver actual driver GPS locations to PCS's dispatching systems. Drivers will also receive electronic dispatches with complete stop information as well as Google Maps, weather, and traffic updates for their route. Drivers using Mobile XpressTrax have the ability to send back electronic check calls and load status updates. These updates from drivers will notify dispatchers using PCS's dispatching software. Shippers will also receive automatic email updates based upon their freight tracking preferences. Mobile XpressTrax also has electronic signature capture. Drivers can have consignees sign an electronic delivery receipt stating that all commodities were delivered in good order. That electronic delivery receipt will be instantly received in PCS's Document Imaging System, allowing the carrier to invoice the shipment upon delivery.

In addition to all of these features, Mobile XpressTrax also has an electronic drivers' log book. All duty status changes are GPS verified. Drivers are notified when they are in violation of Hours of Service rules. Dispatchers, using the Express TMS, will now be able to see real, live HOS information and violations as they occur. Violations are also sent to the Safety Module of Express where warning and disciplinary letters can be produced.

This advanced mobile communications platform is now available to all companies using either PCS's Express Online System or PCS's Express, client-server transportation management system.