Compli, a company with a decade of experience providing human resources and compliance management software, has brought its expertise to the trucking industry, where it says it can give small- to mid-size trucking companies a level of control over its employee communications and compliance previously unseen in the industry.

Based in Portland, Ore., Compli previously specialized in providing solutions to auto dealerships, another business that faces a lot of regulatory issues and high turnover.

Compli's trucking and transportation software is designed to help carriers automate HR practices, better manage drivers, implement effective safety programs, specifically address important CSA issues, and increase overall productivity and efficiency.

The new trucking-specific offerings include management of the FMCSA's new CSA enforcement systems (Compliance, Safety and Accountability); driver qualification file management; background, drug and alcohol screening, and driver training solutions, all in one integrated package.

The system helps companies automate and manage nearly everything in the employee lifecycle, from hiring to firing and compliance and training in between. Background checks, making sure they've signed all the proper forms and read the employee handbook, tracking and evaluating real-time CSA compliance, all the way through to termination papers. Drivers can access forms on the road to change benefit options or fill out the required paperwork for a bonus.

Compli uses a company's own forms, employee manuals, training and procedures and integrates them into one system that can be accessed from any web browser. It also offers templates and training from Pro-Tread for companies that need some help in those areas.

If a driver is ticketed, the supervisor can send him a written notice, re-send a copy of the company's policy, and push out training, whether it's the company's own or some from Pro-Tread. Then the driver can indicate in the same software that he's read the policy and taken the training. With an increased concern about negligent supervision claims and vicarious liability, this could be a great tool, says Compli's Nick Goodell, general manager of its trucking and transportation business.

Ideally, every employee in the company will be on the system, making it a communications as well as a compliance offering. The system can be installed in two days, usually remotely, and there's no charge for the initial set-up. After that, it is charged per employee per month.

The first trucking company Compli worked with to implement the Web-based, software-as-a-service offering was Kool Pak LLC, an Oregon-baed company offering refrigerated warehousing, transportation, distribution and kogistics.

"One of the greatest features of Compli's HR & compliance management system is its ability to automatically deliver and prescribe actions based on CSA data, by triggering critical processes, such as discipline and training and seamlessly documenting all actions in an electronic filing cabinet," explains Nicole Hollamon, Kool Pak director of safety. "The CSA module gives us a great, real-time insight into our compliance readiness and shows us where to focus our training efforts, without having to go to FMCSA's portal. I can deliver trainings or corrective action to a driver in the same Compli system that I use to manage all other interactions with our drivers. Our drivers like the automated processes because we can reward them for clean inspections more quickly."

Key features of the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) Management software include:

* Easy, fast viewing of CSA trends and reports
* Real time automated "push" notification to review and manage CSA violations logged by the FMCSA
* CSA reporting and analytics
* Electronic personnel file documentation of violations and actions taken
* Identification of FMCSA inspection and violation data inconsistencies
* Assignment of driver training
* Automated corrective action triggered by violations

Highlights of the Driver Qualification File Management, and Background, Drug & Alcohol Screening programs include:
* Automatic scheduling of background checks and expiring DQF screenings
* Complete web-based documentation and management of driver files
* Forced standardization and consistent management of driver files
* Elimination of manual and paper-based processing
* Driver qualification files, driver safety and human resource records all stored in one place

Driver Training features include:
* Ability to deliver, schedule and document a company's own training programs
* Access to Pro-Tread's 70-plus driver-training programs on safety, CSA, vehicle maintenance, OSHA, Hazmat and warehouse programs
* Automatic logging of completed driver-training programs in driver personnel files

The Compli system also can manage damage, over and short reporting. As the company works with a growing number of clients, it will add additional features, such as an interface with electronic onboard recorders.

"Our initial trucking customers have told us they experienced a very quick return on investment from using the standard Compli product, and with the trucking specific changes the results only got better," says Lon Leneve, Compli President & CEO.

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