EBE Technologies released CSA CarrierBoard, a new web-based dashboard that allows users to monitor CSA scores for multiple carriers in one comprehensive interface.

CSA CarrierBoard provides authorized shippers, logistics providers and carriers web access to a carrier database that contains monthly updated CSA scores for over 700,000 carriers with registered DOT numbers within FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System. The system aggregates information from both the MCMIS database containing all carrier inspections, violations and BASIC percentiles and the Carrier Census Information containing carrier profile and registration information.

Email notifications triggering alerts to carriers who do not meet the acceptable standards set forth by shippers and logistics providers are available within the CSA CarrierBoard. When a carrier breaches a defined threshold, an email notification is sent to the shipper communicating a change in status and that the shipper's required conditions are not being met.

Users can search for a single or group of carriers by company name, DOT or MC number. Carriers can also be filtered and sorted by carrier type, number of trucks, truck size and vehicle miles traveled. The results populated in the dashboard contain percentiles of the five publicly available CSA BASIC categories. Users will also have access to insurance rating information.

A carrier scorecard page presents an analysis of all inspections, CSA violations, number of injuries, crashes and fatalities. A trend analysis chart representing a carrier's BASIC percentile ratings over a defined timeframe is available to identify positive or negative trends.