Continuing to improve its PC-based diagnostic tool for technicians, Noregon Systems has released JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v5.0 for technicians working on heavy duty trucks.

Building on the current version of JPRO Fleet Diagnostics software for heavy-duty vehicles, the release of JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v5.0 provides updates of diagnostic capabilities for heavy-duty vehicles through the 2010 model year.

In addition to the existing heavy-duty package, beginning spring 2011, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v5.0 will offer diagnostic capabilities for medium-duty platforms with the purchase of OEM specific software modules. This upgrade will begin with Ford E-series and F-series trucks (model years 2004 and newer). Additional releases will follow in 2011 for: GM, Dodge, Hino, Isuzu and MBE-Sprinter. Each additional platform release will further solidify JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v5 as the most complete commercial vehicle diagnostic tool on the market.

As an added enhancement, JPRO v5.0 software will implement an easy to use internet-based activation and registration process.

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