Hino Trucks has boldly reintroduced cab-over engine trucks to its North American line up with new Class 4 and Class 5 models, along with a groundbreaking hybrid diesel-electric drive system.
Dealers will begin taking orders for Hino's new diesel models in May with first trucks arriving on dealer lots in August of 2011.
Dealers will begin taking orders for Hino's new diesel models in May with first trucks arriving on dealer lots in August of 2011.
The trucks made their debut at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

For the Class 4 market, Hino now offers the 155 model in diesel configuration along with and the first ever U.S. Class 4 diesel-electric hybrid model, designated the 155h. The 155 and 155h models will carry a 14,500 lb GVW rating.

In the class 5 market, Hino offers the diesel-powered 195 model, and the 195h diesel-electric hybrid. Both carry a 19,500 lb GVW rating.

"The new cab over line-up is an exciting addition to the Hino Trucks brand as we strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive offering for their trucking needs," said Sumio Fukaya, President and CEO of Hino Trucks. "With the introduction of this new truck, Hino Trucks is making the diesel-electric hybrid a viable option in the U.S. commercial truck industry for the first time."

All models feature the proven 5-liter Hino J05E Series engine rated at 210 hp and 440 lb ft of torque, along with the Aisin A465 6-speed automatic transmission.

The newly designed COEs feature an ergonomically friendly wide cab with a North American standard 33-in. frame rail width, a 56,900 PSI frame, and a standard center mounted rear fuel tank. The cab styling emphasizes visibility and aerodynamics, and features an angled windshield, narrow A-pillars and rounded-radius curves. Inside, the new cab uses its increased width to provide room for drivers up to 6-ft - 6-in. tall, seating for three and a versatile mobile workspace with a variety of organizational storage options. A crew cab version will also be available.

North America's First Class 4-5 Diesel-Electric Hybrid

Hino developed the world's first hybrid transit bus in 1991, and has been evolving and improving its hybrid technology ever since. Hino's new diesel-electric hybrid models -- the 155h and 195h -- are the sixth generation of hybrid technology, and represent a giant leap for alternative-fuel commercial vehicles in North America. They were designed from the ground-up for the North American market.

The diesel-hybrid uses regenerative braking to charge a 288-volt Ni-MH battery that drives an electric traction motor in series with the regular powertrain as a starting aid, and in cruise and power mode to reduce demand on the diesel engine, thus reducing fuel consumption. The electric traction motor produces 48 hp at 258 lb ft of torque at 1000 rpm.

The system is designed to shut down the diesel engine while the vehicle is not moving, thus providing additional fuel savings. A driver-selectable "Eco-mode" tags the hybrid drive system for a greater contribution to overall power output.

"With diesel pricing continuing to raise concerns, the new COE trucks provide a durable and dependable solution for today's business owners," said Hino Sr. Vice President of Sales and Customer Support, Bob McDowell. "Our COE [hybrid] trucks feature low operating costs, competitive price points, and an engine design that promises improvement in fuel economy over straight diesel with the same running performance."

Dealers will begin taking orders for the diesel models in May with first trucks arriving on dealer lots in August of 2011. Orders for the first hybrids will be taken in September, with "roll out" in the following markets beginning in December of 2011: New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and California.

More info: www.hino.com