Shell Oil Products U.S. is launching a market test of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Diesel, extending the company's exclusive "Nitrogen Enriched" advanced cleaning system to diesel fuel.
The fuel has been proven to reduce fuel consumption in an extensive test of heavy-duty vehicles, Shell claims. It will be available on a trial basis starting January 31, 2011.

It will be offered to both commercial as well as retail customers at select points of sale in the Nashville, TN, Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA areas. In the Atlanta area, nitrogen enriched diesel will be available only to commercial customers.

Shell nitrogen enriched diesel also helps protect investments in both heavy-duty commercial and personal light-duty vehicles -- cars and pickup trucks -- alike by guarding against corrosion. Like the Shell-branded ULSD in the market today, the nitrogen enriched diesel contains lubricity agents to help prevent fuel pump and injector wear and damage. Anti-gel agents for colder winter climates will also be available where needed.

Additionally, extensive heavy-duty truck fleet trials of the fuel demonstrated a 4.8 percent reduction in fuel consumption in more severe stop-and-go city service and a 1.3 percent reduction in fuel consumption in less severe long-haul highway service as compared to regular ULSD, Shell says.

According to Jim Macias, a senior fuels technology manager for Shell, "We are very excited about this latest opportunity to test an advanced ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. It is well-suited for the evolving cleaner burning diesel fuel market demand because Shell Nitrogen Enriched Diesel is designed for use in both traditional as well as new ultra-clean diesel engines with advanced emission controls. Additionally, the exclusive "Nitrogen Enriched" advanced cleaning system is also fully compatible with biodiesel blends, which positions Shell to supply a high-quality product to help fill the growing demand for renewable fuels."

Motorists will soon notice signage and point-of-purchase materials at stations participating in the Shell nitrogen enriched diesel test. Shell Customer Care is available at (888) 467-4355 to provide motorists with a list of participating sites.