FreightWatch International has introduced the FreightWatch Geo F2 Tracker. The F2 Tracker is an advanced, embeddable tracking device available to the market for tracking and monitoring cargo, identifying its whereabouts, preventing cargo theft or recovering shipments if a load is stolen.

"The F2 Tracker simultaneously allows for real-time visibility into a shipment and disruption management of the supply chain," says Ron Greene, general manager of FreightWatch International, USA. "As a part of our logistics security services, FreightWatch tracks and monitors the shipment's every move."

The F2 Tracker is so small that it can be inserted inside packaging as small as a pill bottle, which can then be placed directly in a box as a part of the shipment. The device is entirely embedded in the shipment, allowing FreightWatch to covertly track the shipment's whereabouts in real-time versus tracking just the truck or trailer location. This is important if a theft occurs and a shipment is separated from the truck

With real-time reporting capability and web-based monitoring functionality, the F2 Tracker operates in impaired environments with no clear view of the sky.

"The addition of the F2 Tracker enhances our ability to provide our customers with the absolute best technology on the market, and when layered with FreightWatch's suite of security services prevents cargo theft and secures corporate supply chains," adds Greene.

For more information on the F2 Tracker or to participate in an upcoming webinar about the new product's functionality and benefits, contact, or visit Freightwatch International.