WheelTime Network, L.L.C., today announced the rollout of the WheelTime Customer Service Platform.
The company says it is an industry-first repair and maintenance service management program that promises all Network customers will receive consistent levels of service and consistent hours of labor per repair or service.

"As an industry, we all tend to feel we're good at fixing things," said Mike Delaney, president and CEO of WheelTime at the TMC SuperTech 2010 Awards, "but that isn't going to be enough in the future. Innovation in business processes is the next frontier in truck maintenance."

"To keep pace with technology as well as customer needs, the industry needs more transparency, better data and improved information flow between truckers and maintenance providers. In addition, we need more consistency in maintenance quality, better control over maintenance costs, and a stronger focus on outcomes," he added. "Getting to that point demands an overhaul in the way we estimate and document repairs as well as the way we manage the business of maintenance to better meet the needs of trucking customers today."

The new WheelTime Customer Service Platform will utilize Motor Information System's labor guide for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The integration of Motor's benchmarks with WheelTime's Customer Service Platform means service locations will have access to detailed labor guides for faster estimates based on standardized repair times.

"We know customers are frustrated by variations in labor hours charged for similar repairs," said Delaney. "By integrating MOTOR's guide directly into our Network's system, we hope to ensure customers that our aim is always to provide fair and consistent service."

WheelTime Network, LLC is a professional truck care and service network with nearly 200 locations serving the U.S. and Canada.

For more information: www.wheeltime.com.