Freightliner Trucks delivered what it calls the first turnkey natural gas truck upfitted with a vacuum body.

Developed in collaboration with Vac-Con, the Freightliner Business Class M2 112V Compressed Natural Gas truck will also be equipped with a CNG-powered auxiliary-mounted engine that powers the truck's water system.

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Vac-Con provides combination sewer cleaners to municipal and private markets throughout the world. Its combination cleaners combine high-pressure water and vacuum systems to effectively clean both sanitary and storm drainage infrastructure.

"There's a tremendous green movement happening now, and our customers are looking to us to provide efficient products with alternative fuel options," said Tom Jody, marketing manager for Vac-Con.

The truck will include an Allison 3000RDS transmission. Allison transmissions include patented torque converter technology that results in improved startability at the launch of the vehicle, full power shifts, and a better performing engine, Freightliner says, making them ideal for natural gas powered vehicles.