Citgo Lubricants announced a new program to optimize fleet performance, both economically and environmentally, called the Citgo HD Greenway program.

By using Greenway, Citgo says, fleet managers can reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve fuel efficiency and all-weather performance, reduce their carbon footprint, and save up to $4,000 per unit annually.

The Citgo HD Greenway program is a family of synthetic products plus the company's LubeAlert oil analysis management tool. Together, with the oversight of a Citgo Lubricant expert, the Greenway program is tailored for each fleet to pinpoint areas of financial and resource savings.

"A program like Greenway offers fleets opportunities to make reductions in numerous categories like labor and fuel," said Mark Betner, product manager, heavy duty lubricants, Citgo Lubricants. "These reductions ultimately impact the carbon footprint of each fleet."

The Citgo HD Greenway program includes a family of products and tools that work together to lessen wear and tear on fleets and reduce emissions:

* Citgard SynDurance HD Engine Oil

* QuatraSyn Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

* LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program

* OverDrive HD Greases

• Synthetic automotive gear oils

• Citgard 700 Plus

Using a total synthetic lubricant family of products, like synthetic oils, greases, ATF's and other lubricants, can improve fuel economy savings by about 5 percent annually, per fleet unit, Citgard says.

Synthetics perform better in extreme hot or cold weather climates and can last three to five times longer than conventional lubricants, lessening labor and maintenance costs by extending drain intervals.

"In today's world, reducing our carbon footprint is an important measure of corporate stewardship," said Betner. "With more than 4 million Class 8 trucks on the road, reducing operating costs by $500 each unit per year adds up to more than 2 billion gallons of oil per year."

The LubeAlert analysis program complements the products by tracking a vehicle or fleet's performance. Maximizing oil service drain intervals and providing ongoing reports on engine maintenance allows fleet managers to track the health of each unit and follow performance improvements.

"LubeAlert provides data that is similar to a person's health record," said Betner. "By reviewing that data, we can take preventative measures to avoid costly repairs or service interruptions due to breakdowns."

To implement the Citgo HD Greenway program, Citgo Lubricant experts will partner with fleet managers to create a detailed cost analysis of their fleet to show potential savings for their units. The evaluation highlights opportunities for financial savings and component lifespan extension that ultimately reduces the amount of natural resources consumed by fleet vehicles.

"When we talk about carbon footprints, it's not just emissions and oils," said Betner. "It includes the kilowatts used by diesel engines and garbage from used filters and engine parts that all add up to a significant environmental impact we can work together to reduce."

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