Kinedyne is now offering the rugged Grip Link line of heavy-duty tire chains to trucking fleet operators and drivers throughout the United States.

Grip Link chains are engineered to stand up to demanding road conditions, proven through years of in-field service following the 2004 launch of the line to the company's Canadian distributors.

Available in V-Bar and Square Link tire chains for highway use, and Stud chains for off-road conditions, these high-strength, carbon steel chains are case hardened for extra long wear-life.

Grip Link chains are available in two widths - 22.5 inches and 24.5 inches - and come in Single and Dual-Triple tire designs, featuring twist-tightening cams on every set of chains, which provide for easier overall tensioning and adjustment.

Another significant benefit to this rugged line of tire chains is their accessibility. While many other tire chains are sold as seasonal products - with a window of opportunity to purchase inventory only during certain seasons - Grip Link chains will be available year-round to all Kinedyne distributors. All chains are sold in "Easy Carry Easy Store" plastic or metal pails, which represent a better storage option than traditional burlap bag packaging used by many other tire chain suppliers. The pails feature color-coded labels which clearly indicate the specific width and design of the various types of chains.