OTC, an SPX Brand, unveiled its new Diesel Particulate Filter Thermal Processing Unit (P/N 5281), designed to increase the efficiency of DPF cleaning by converting unburned hydrocarbons into ash prior to the air burst cleaning cycle.

Pre-programmed to "ramp up" temperature at a rate that will not crack the substrate of the filter, the OTC DPF Thermal Processing Unit holds temperature constant for two hours to ensure complete regeneration of the filter, and automatically decreases temperature at a controlled rate to protect the filter's substrate.

"Diesel filters capture ash and soot generated during the diesel combustion cycle and, through a regeneration process, oxidize the soot leaving the ash behind," said Eric Adamson, product manager of Equipment and Heavy-Duty Tools, SPX Service Solutions. "Eventually, the ash buildup reduces the efficiency of the DPF, requiring either replacement or cleaning of the filter. Filters can be cleaned with the OTC 5280 using an air burst cycle and duration that is pre-programmed for each OEM manufacturer. Prior to executing the cleaning cycle, the 5280 performs a micro-burst test sequence to determine if the filter is suitable for cleaning with the normal burst cycle."

In some cases where liquid hydrocarbons have been introduced to the filter mediums, the filter will require a thermal regeneration prior to cleaning with the air burst. This is a controlled, high-temperature cycle that converts those unburned hydrocarbons into ash and increases the efficiency of the air burst cleaning.

For more information: www.otctools.com.