Mancomm, which develops and publishes regulatory compliance products, has unveiled a book of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations that fits in a glove box.

The company's new Ultimate Green Book Glove Box Edition is made with RegLogic Black, a graphical approach that makes navigating and reading regulations easier. The webpage features information on the Glove Box Edition and a link to sample pages from the book.

"[Customers] also wanted the book to lie flat when opened, for easy reference," said Benjamin W. Mangan, founder and president of the company.

"Our goal was to produce The Ultimate Green Book," he added. "To ensure the most accurate understanding of the regulations, our new Glove Box edition includes Department of Transportation interpretations following the regulations to which they apply."

The Glove Box Edition includes Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 380, 382, 383, 387, 390-399 and Appendix A-G to Subchapter B.

Information in the Glove Box Edition can be accessed through the book's Quick-Find Index by page number or regulation number, and the table of contents is written in a logical, detailed format. It also includes an associate/driver receipt, to prove that the driver has received the regulatory information, as well as driver worksheets and a list of FMCSA field offices and phone numbers.

"Our goal is to help the transportation industry and its drivers to stay compliant by providing the most pertinent information in the most convenient format," Mangan said.

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