Advantage PressurePro, which provides tire pressure monitoring systems and modular mining systems, has added a new ModularReady interface, which will link its tire pressure monitoring solutions to the MineCare and Dispatch applications.

"The ModularReady Interface to the PressurePro system provides operators, service personnel, and managers real-time tire pressure information and alerts to help maximize tire life," said Justin Johnsen, product manager of maintenance at Modular Mining Systems. "The PressurePro interface is developed to communicate via a standard multimedia messaging service (MMS) interface, providing reliable data to our MineCare and Dispatch applications."

The PressurePro interface currently handles information for up to 34 tires with a total of 102 parameters and 208 events. Integrating this information with other data captured by the IntelliMine system allows users to see all factors affecting asset health and equipment performance.

"The added PressurePro interface to Modular applications allows mining fleets to immediately respond to tire problems as they occur, or even as they start to occur, which is vital for heavy equipment operations that rely on up-time and high productivity from each vehicle," said Phillip Zaroor, president and CEO of PressurePro. "By giving these fleets the information they need to control and monitor tire information from one control point, we give them the key to unlock previously untapped efficiencies that can add significant paybacks to their operations."

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