Gilbarco Veeder-Root has added the new Atlas DEF dispenser to its Gasboy dispenser product line.
The unit is designed specifically for commercial and fleet operators with vehicles that require diesel exhaust fluid, which is required for trucks equipped with selective catalytic reduction technology.

Fleet operators can integrate control and management of DEF into their existing reporting and management infrastructure. The new Atlas DEF dispenser is fully compatible with Gasboy and other existing fleet management systems because it uses the same communication interfaces as standard Gasboy Atlas dispensers. The Atlas DEF dispenser also has the Gasboy footprint to minimize space on existing islands or skid tanks and the same rugged construction as all Gasboy Atlas models.

The Atlas DEF dispenser measures DEF using a weights and measures-approved mass flow meter that has no moving parts. The mass flow meter and hydraulics are stainless steel to protect against the corrosive characteristics of DEF. A thermostat-controlled, heated cabinet prevents DEF from freezing or crystallizing and special hanging hardware options are also designed just for DEF.

"Buying DEF in bulk and leveraging existing fleet management system infrastructure to manage it will be the cost-effective choice for fleet operators who have an increasing number of vehicles that require DEF," said Kevin DeVinney, Gasboy marketing manager.

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