OTC, an SPX brand, has released the latest Pegisys software for its on-tool repair and diagnostic information suite, including a new Code-Assist Experienced-Based Confirmed Fixes, powered by Identifix.

The new Code-Assist Experienced-Based Confirmed Fixes gives technicians access to more than 3 million vehicle-specific confirmed fixes for OBD-II diagnostic trouble codes. No Internet connection is required to access the database.

Version 2.1 features expanded system coverage for previously covered models as well as information on certain 2010 models. It includes access to more than 1,200 new vehicle systems and features the latest software functionality for nearly 1,000 new functional tests, bi-directional controls and relearns, including full support for the 2007 to 2010 Chrysler Sprinter. Enhanced GM coverage adds more than 4,380 new vehicles from 2010 to 1996 models, with Ford over 1,100, Chrysler over 1,100, and Jeep over 200.

"Pegisys, the most advanced diagnostic scan tool on the market today, continues to widen the gap from the competition with quarterly software subscription updates that continually add new features and increased coverage," said Ed Lipscomb, senior product manager of diagnostic systems. "That's four times per year OTC is ensuring technicians receive the latest technology and enhanced coverage for vehicle diagnostics."

The company has also expanded the number of printers that are now supported by the system.

More info: www.pegisysotc.com