Champ Seals has introduced the new e-Barrier Wheel Seal, which can be installed by hand, other manufacturer's tools or any other tool that can fit the seal into the hub.

According to Champ Seals, one of the primary reasons for premature wheel seal failures is incorrect installation of the seal. The e-Barrier features 150 percent thicker steel and a 'safety zone' feature, to allow for some distortion of the seal front face without affecting the seal performance.

A low friction bumper ensures low seal friction from the outset.

The Seal's multi-zone labyrinth design provides protection against dirt, grit, water and ice. The combination of low profile sections, right angle corners, low friction barrier, two rubber wipers and a specifically formulated waterproof grease to both lubricate and keep water out, ensures that this seal will perform without any 'run-in' period.

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