Asset Intelligence, a subsidiary of I.D. Systems, has introduced its new VeriWise Track and Trace device, which can be mounted covertly underneath an asset with the magnetic mount option.
Track and Trace is a low-cost trailer and container tracking system that provides real-time information to improve the utilization, efficiency, and cargo security of trailer and container fleets.

The system can be installed on dry vans, flatbed trailers, intermodal containers, chassis, and storage containers. A magnetic mount option is available for temporary installations, which enables easy movement between assets. Track and Trace's battery provides for about five years of battery life with no maintenance needed, based on an average of two reports per day.

"VeriWise Track & Trace is an affordable, effective, easy-to-deploy solution that can quickly drive out cost and inefficiency from trailer and container fleet operations, as well as increase the security of those assets," said Darryl Miller, chief operating officer of I.D. Systems. "The introduction of our Track & Trace system enables organizations with basic trailer and container tracking needs to proactively improve fleet management."

The device collects asset location information using GPS. It also has patented power management logic to manage battery life and resident intelligence to manage the operation of the unit on the equipment. VeriWise Track and Trace communicates on the cellular GSM network.