EBE Technologies has added a fraud detection capability to its Logistics Management software.
The fraud detection function works within the carrier onboarding module to compare the phone number and address of a carrier completing an online application with the data contained within the FMCSA database and that of White Pages.com.

"Recently there have been numerous articles from the TIA discussing fraud within the logistics industry and the lack of resources law enforcement is able to apply to such crimes," said Larry Kerr, president of EBE Technologies. "As logistic companies work to find carriers to cover moves, ensuring the validity of a carrier may be over looked. With the fraud workflow functionality, the process happens automatically and provides an extra safeguard for carriers and the companies they serve."

For a carrier packet to be created and released to the potential carrier, all sources are required to match. If any portion of the information does not match, the carrier application is re-routed into a workflow queue and sorted by the data exception. The feature will also compare addresses and phone numbers that reside in EBE's Carrier On-Boarding database.

The new feature also helps to insure that the same carrier to which the load was brokered is the carrier who arrives at the shipper's location. As a rate confirmation is received, the system sends a notification to the shipper with the carrier information that has been assigned and accepted the load. If a different carrier arrives to move the shipment, the shipper will alert the logistics company. Then, through workflow, this would trigger an event to the logistics company to determine if the move was re-brokered or if the shipment was in danger of being stolen.

More info: www.ebeships.com