T3 Motion is launching a new product line with its MotionTrak 300 Series recording system, a compact, vehicle-mounted, "black box" unit that captures video and data to help optimize routes and fleet management.

Data gathering by the MotionTrak system can be triggered by an event or set for constant recording. It can monitor vehicle speed, location and g-force shocks. Built-in GPS capability is integrated with Google Maps to track precise location and provide a vehicle movement overview. The system's small cameras can be mounted discreetly to record video footage from any viewpoint.

Fleets can monitor employee locations, reduce accidents and related costs such as insurance, optimize routes, and track vehicles for customer service, the company says.

The user can see video footage from the vehicle's perspective, overhead Google Earth location display, and numeric as well as graphical data on a single screen. The video footage can be searched frame by frame for detailed analysis.

More info: www.motiontrak.com