Yokohama Tire Corporation's new off-the-road tires are designed for dump trucks but have two different applications.
The RL42 has deep, wide grooves to help expel mud and dirt.
The RL42 has deep, wide grooves to help expel mud and dirt.
The new RL42 is for hard-packed surfaces and job sites where longer hauls are needed, while the RB42 is made for soft or loose surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel and rocks, according to Gary Nash, Yokohama director of OTR sales.

"The unique tread and sidewall designs help create specialized tires for specific applications," said Nash.

Nash said both tires feature an extra-durable casing and a deep flush tread. They also have steel cord belts to guard against tread punctures and buttress side protection.

The RL42, which comes in sizes 1800R33 and 2400R35, is made with circumferential grooves that dissipate heat to run cooler, and a directional tread pattern that improves self-cleaning for increased traction. Deep, wide grooves help expel mud and dirt.

The RB42, which comes in the same sizes as the RL42, features a zig-zag groove pattern that provides better traction on muddy and rocky surfaces. Large center blocks increase resistance to cuts and enhance overall wear.

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