PHH Arval has announced that its mobile application, PHH Connect, now runs on the Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile handheld platforms.
The mobile application was introduced for Blackberry devices in August 2009. PHH Connect is available to fleet drivers using any of these devices in both the U.S. and Canada.

"After polling fleet managers to see which devices were most often used by their drivers, we customized this service to meet the unique needs of the clients we serve," said Cheryl Middleton, PHH Arval's director in charge of client-facing technology. "By adding these wireless platforms, we dramatically increase the reach of PHH Connect, which is designed to enhance driver productivity and satisfaction."

The application gives drivers access to PHH services and call centers, including help with accidents, maintenance, and other transactions. Using the application, drivers can call a PHH agent, who already has information about the vehicle and driver. Drivers can also use PHH Connect to enter vehicle mileage easily, as well as find the most convenient maintenance facilities.

PHH is currently developing additional functionality for PHH Connect.

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