The American Trucking Associations has added a new Business Solutions publication to help fleets prepare for the potential passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, a pro-union legislation, according to ATA.

Maintaining Non-Union Status: The Big Picture - And the Nuts and Bolts was written by Mark B. Goodwin, a former transportation executive, and Clinton S. Morse, both attorneys for LeClair Ryan.

The publication emphasizes positive employee relations and strict compliance with the law at every level of the company as the keys to maintaining long-term non-union status. Trucking companies of all sizes that are either employee-based or those that use owner-operators can benefit from the publication, ATA says.

The publication includes two parts. The Guide for Owners and Senior Management covers the decisions and actions that must be made by company executives. It also provides corresponding guidelines for supervisors at the local level. The Handbook for Local Supervisors also is available separately and can be purchased in large quantities to distribute to supervisors at all of a company's locations.

Goodwin will be available to conduct a one-day workshop specifically tailored to a company's owners and senior management. Those executives will receive hands-on training and in-depth workbooks.

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