Canada-based WebTech Wireless, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services and telematics technology, has launched two new Quadrant Transportation Solutions, including a new line of in-vehicle, mobile data terminals, and a heavy-duty enclosure for use with Quadrant WT5000 Locators.
Quadrant In-Cab has a large seven-inch, color touch screen display. It builds on the features of the existing MDT2000 series.
Quadrant In-Cab has a large seven-inch, color touch screen display. It builds on the features of the existing MDT2000 series.

The new terminal, Quadrant In-Cab (model MDT3100), is designed to increase driver productivity and safety, as well as meet and exceed government requirements for electronic onboard recorder devices. The Quadrant In-Cab, with large seven-inch, color touch screen display, builds on the features of the existing MDT2000 series, with enhanced user interface, the ability to support third-party applications using the Windows CE 6.0 operating system, and the addition of voice command recognition.

VCR lets drivers respond to or initiate 'canned' messages to fleet dispatchers hands-free, allowing them to continue driving without being distracted by on-screen messages or the need to actuate buttons. Quadrant In-Cab, also supports text-to-speech and two-way messaging, and was designed for hours of service and EOBR compliance. Its various external ports can be connected to external printers, scanners and other peripheral devices, and for HOS reporting, the device includes USB ports for connection to devices used by HOS inspectors. Quadrant In-Cab begins shipping in July.

"We fully support the DOT's goal of eliminating driver distraction and have always believed that all in-vehicle devices should provide just the right amount of functionality required for drivers to do their job, yet not distract them with non-essential functions, which often occurs with products not specifically designed for trucking applications," said Harald Fritz, vice president of Quadrant sales, government and transport, at WebTech Wireless.

The new heavy-duty enclosure, Quadrant Roadvault, is a high-impact resistant, weatherproof and tamper resistant unit that encases the Locator and its GPS and GPRS antennas to protect them from the elements. The Quadrant Roadvault also incorporates a motion sensor, which 'wakes-up' the Locator when a legitimate trailer movement is detected, sending this data to fleet managers for increased security and tracking accuracy.

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