GreenRoad has upgraded its 360 service with several new features, including a Customizable Vehicle Signature Profile, which tailors the service to the vehicle characteristics, optimal driving requirements and efficiency needs of a specific fleet.

In addition, a new Configurable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of insights into fleet safety and lets managers quickly review and customize key performance indicators. With SafetyMapping, managers can analyze trip routes by viewing driving event data overlaid on an interactive map, locate and view the status of vehicles, and assess areas of higher safety risk within driving routes.

A SafetySpeed feature gives drivers and managers the ability to identify when and where drivers exceed posted speed limits, including local and urban streets, while excess idling reports identifies drivers, vehicles and trips with excessive idling time.

Other upgrades include GreenRoad Engage 2.0, an enhanced customer success program that provides a step-by-step methodology for engaging drivers and managers in sustainable improvement; and GreenRoad Intersect 2.0, a multi-vendor platform and partner program that gives GreenRoad customers the benefits of a broad range of insurance and technology partnerships.

GreenRoad has also added customizable reporting, giving fleet management and risk professionals insight into driving behavior and the tools they need to help drivers achieve specific safety and fuel-efficiency goals. The new version also includes ISO certification.

"In a very short amount of time, I can identify trends in behavior and determine how our drivers are performing," said Bob Prim, director of safety standards at Ryder. "Detailed reports enable Ryder managers to easily spot driving maneuvers and patterns of behavior that need improvement and tailor their coaching accordingly."

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