TransCore has added a new carrier module to its Logistics Software 4.0. The carrier module helps freight brokers and third party logistics providers to manage their own trucks or drivers.

With the new carrier module, Logistics Software provides driver reports, payroll management and profitability analyses for drivers who are either employees or owner-operators, in brokered, company-owned and leased-on trucks.

TransCore's Logistics Software is designed specifically for freight brokers and 3PLs who move full loads, less-than-truckload or partial loads, intermodal or international freight. The software includes tools to help with operations, dispatching, accounting, and document management.

"As the economy improves and truck capacity tightens, freight brokers will find it increasingly advantageous to own and operate trucks," said Steve Blair, TransCore's general manager for transportation management software. "The new carrier module extends Logistics Software's operational efficiencies to brokers with assets."

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