FreightWatch Security Net, which provides embedded cargo and portable surveillance tracking solutions, has released the Geo F2 'Pill Bottle' Location Tracker, a small, industrial strength, assisted-GPS tracking product based on the inGeo reference design and technology developed by Qualcomm.

With a pig-tail battery option attached, the Geo F2 device can literally be hidden in a pill bottle or equally small enclosure enabling many new covert tracking solutions. With a large capacity lithium-polymer battery option, the Geo F2 unit can also be deployed in rapid reporting, law enforcement surveillance situations or long-term remote asset location assurance applications. Combined with the optional integrated Zigbee radio receiver, the Geo F2 becomes a remote, battery powered, sensor data collection and transmission platform.

"Embedded cargo tracking in enclosed trailers is the most demanding environment for a location tracking device," said Bill Games, president of FreightWatch Security Net.

The Geo F2 can be coupled with FSNtracks, a web-based monitoring platform that provides 24/7 visibility of current and historical location and performance. The system also comes with a wide range of disposable and rechargeable battery pack options.

Qualcomm's inGeo technology enables extremely small, low-power, reliable and affordable devices that leverage Qualcomm's market-proven gpsOne position-location solution.

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