Omaha Standard Palfinger has announced the formal launch of a new line of mechanics trucks, service cranes and air compressors.

The company has introduced four new telescopic cranes, each with 29 feet of reach and range in capacities from 43,000 pounds-feet to 86,000 pounds-feet. The cranes' proprietary hexagonal boom design eliminates boom sway while adding stability during long reaches. In addition, Palfinger has included an internal integrated two block damage prevention system that is built into Palfinger winches. A wireless remote control is standard on all models with manual over-ride controls. SAE hoses with JIC fittings provide easy field maintenance.

New mechanics bodies have been designed for rugged applications both on and off-road. Hybrid substructure has been designed to minimize stress in all compartments by transferring crane loads directly to the outriggers and chassis. Their double panel door construction with full length and oversized hinges are meant to improve durability and the security of compartment storage.

Palfinger has also added two new rotary screw compressors and one piston air compressor.

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