Ken-Tool, Akron, Ohio, has introduced the new Twist Socket, which grips positively into the surface of a damaged bolt head or nut to allow it to be removed by using a counterclockwise spiral grip surface integrated into the socket.
Ken-Tool's Twist Sockets are available individually or in sets.
Ken-Tool's Twist Sockets are available individually or in sets.

The mouth of the socket has six or 12 fluted scallops that cradle the damaged hex head, with the spiral grip surface gently tapering toward the center to pull the socket downward as turning torque is applied. As more leverage is applied, a greater gripping force is delivered against the nut or bolt head.

The Twist Socket can be used with a ratchet wrench, a breaker bar or an air-impact wrench. In addition to fasteners, the Twist Socket can also be used on difficult to remove pipes, pipe caps, nipples or reducers as well as frozen studs.

The sockets are built from SAE 4140 steel, heat treated for added durability, then black oxide coated for corrosion resistance. They are available individually or in sets. Twist socket sets are available with an Organizer Bar or in an impact resistant, red blow-molded plastic carrying case. Many sets include a drive-out punch to drive the damaged part from the socket after removal.

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