TeleType has updated its WorldNav software to provide small to mid-sized fleets and owner-operators with the ability to create and view truck-friendly routes.

WorldNav PC Truck routing uses the capabilities of Google Earth, such as traffic congestion, weather and 3D building display. Using the WorldNav PC software, a dispatcher can easily create a route, upload it at no cost to Google Earth, verify the route, view it in its entirety, then relay the route to a driver.

Desired routes can be exported and viewed using the highly detailed and up to date Google Earth maps using any laptop computer having Wi-fi access. Drivers preferring a live display of the route can use their laptops outfitted with an optional GPS receiver to obtain real-time tracking of their position. TeleType also offers standalone truck GPS models for drivers who prefer a dedicated solution.

WorldNav commercial truck routing takes into account low bridges, commercially restricted areas, and hazardous material transport limitations and offers flexible routing options. The software also includes 12 million points of interest, including truckstops, weigh stations, restaurants and hotels.

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