Florida-based Intellitec is gearing up to launch its Battery Guard 3000+ system to the North American market in March.

Developed to eventually supersede the Battery Guard 2000, the new Battery Guard 3000 is fully programmable, guarantees starting power, can be used as a split charging system, has data logging capabilities and is designed to work in tandem with any Can Bus system.

"In recent years, vehicle manufacturers have introduced ever more complex electrical systems which are susceptible to damage from sudden loss of battery power," said Paul Smith, Intellitec technical director. "In response, we have developed a new programmable Battery Guard which works in tandem with any Can Bus system to warn of imminent electrical shutdown, preventing damage to expensive vehicle ECUs. We have engineered the system to log data to allow fleet managers to record how many low voltage disconnections have occurred on each of their vehicles."

More info: www.intellitec.com