Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS), a division of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, has developed a new Bandag brand tire tread for less-than-truckload fleet customers operating single-axle tractors.
Used in the drive axle position, the new BDR-HT3 is equipped with a tread compound and tread pattern that resists tears and delivers improved mileage and exceptional wear.

"In the most severe cases, fleets that operate single-axle tractors have experienced tread lug chunking resulting from the high torque of single-axle tractors," said Chris Hoffman, manager, TBR and retread product marketing, BBTS. "Stress to the tread elements is further aggravated when applications require hauling up and down steep grades."

The bow tie-shaped tread block distributes torque forces evenly for reduced block stress, while the wider, buttressed shape design strengthens the block, helping it stand up to heavy torque and braking. Tie bars link tread blocks to neighboring blocks, reducing the effects of tearing and cracking. An interlocking tread design and slightly angled block edges combat heel and toe wear.

"To fight tread chunking and promote outstanding mileage, three major strategies were used in creating the BDR-HT3: a new break through tread compound, new tread design features and splice optimization," Hoffman said.

The BDR-HT3 is built using the Bandag Model 5400 Builder, which produces closely matched lug elements, reducing stress at the splice junction and providing a more seamless appearance.

The new BDR-HT3 also has an aggressive true open shoulder and a stable 28/32-inch tread design.

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