Jost International's new "Smart Gap System (SGS)" is designed to overcome the gap management aerodynamic challenges in tractor-trailer combinations.
The company plans to officially launch the product at the TMC exhibition in Tampa, Fla., on Feb. 9-11.

The system consists of a fifth wheel slider assembly controlled by sensors and an ECU programmed to sense when it is safe and more fuel efficient to close the gap between tractor and trailer at certain speeds and under certain conditions. When conditions indicate the need to return to a more conventional position, the system automatically does so quickly without driver involvement.

According to Jost, fleets and OEMs have indicated that there is the potential for aerodynamic gains and fuel savings.

The platform is the Jost Pro Tech integral angle inboard style slider assembly, which offers a 100-pound savings over conventional sliders, Jost claims. In addition, the SGS assembly incorporates a cab actuated air release for the king pin locking mechanism, advanced technology low lube liners on the top plate, and the Jost Lubetronic system to provide small amounts of lubricant automatically to friction points.

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