EBE Technologies announces the addition of a web-based CSA 2010 scorecard and workflow application to its current driver management solution, SHIPS.

The new application monitors the reported FMCSA information daily, calculates the defined points for the seven BASIC categories, and then populates the results into the carriers' driver scorecard. Based on the results and the carriers' safety rules and processes, SHIPS workflows then trigger management alerts for "out of standard" behavior and execute corrective actions such as assigning training, scheduling reviews or other rehabilitation tasks and track these activities through completion. The carrier is offered the option of implementing the solution either at the carrier site or as a Software as a Service remote hosted solution.

"SHIPS CSA 2010 solution is more than a reporting tool," says Cindy Nelson, EBE's vice president of marketing and business development. "While giving visibility to the CSA 2010 safety score is important, the true value of this application is the automation of monitoring and assigning corrective actions to ensure compliance. Carriers who maintain a constant pulse on driver behavior and execute immediate consequences are best positioned to mitigate their risk through fewer safety incidents. "

By offering the CSA 2010 scorecard as an Internet based solution, carriers have access to this information 24/7. Because, many carriers prefer to store this highly sensitive data at their location, offering both hosted and on-site implementation options allow virtually any fleet type, regardless of size, to gain the benefits of this new solution.

More info: www.ebe-inc.com