RM Michaelides has teamed up with Advantage PressurePro to release a Can-Bus Telematics system built with PressurePro's tire pressure monitoring capabilities.

RM Michaelides provides a wide variety of viewables that communicate information compiled by their Proemion Telematics platform. The current system provides full vehicle information including vehicle tracking, diagnostics and GPS. Through the new partnership, the Proemion platform will now include tire pressure and temperature information.

"With the Can-Bus TPMS, PressurePro and RM offer leading tire pressure monitoring technology for literally everyone, from manufacturers to end buyers and for any vehicle you can imagine… provided it has tires," said Robert Michaelides, managing director and CEO of RM Michaelides.

For more information, visit www.rmcan.com or www.advantagepressurepro.com.