SMC3, a provider of transportation data services, technology tools and educational forums, said it plans to update the data within its CzarLite family of products, effective Feb. 1, 2010.

According to SMC3, CzarLite pricing products are used by hundreds of carriers as well as shippers, who use it as a negotiation base for their less-than-truckload contracts.

CzarLite offers a market-based price list derived from studies of LTL pricing on an industry-wide basis. This system for developing base information looks more at the macroeconomic issues of LTL carriers, rather than the the micro operating and marketing issues of any individual carrier.

"Each CzarLite update reflects a proven system of economic analysis," said Dan Acker, senior vice president of research and economic analysis for SMC3. "Rigorous checks and balances throughout the process mean CzarLite is based upon science that is repeatable, valid and applicable."

The February 2010 CzarLite product update will reflect the overall economic impact of rising expenses to transport freight, as well as recent changes within the U.S. Postal Service ZIP code system and the Canadian and Mexican postal code systems. CzarLite base rate adjustments do not include the impact of fuel prices, which are in a constant state of flux and are addressed separately and individually by the carriers.

The mathematical computations SMC3 uses to update CzarLite are verified by an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In addition, an economic review panel makes recommendations related to the economic portion of the CzarLite update.

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