Aljex Software has updated its Aljex TIN Software with a new non-map view aimed at users with smaller screens such as netbooks, iPhones, Blackberrys, and other 3G wireless devices.

"In map view users can see the locations of loads across the continent, and click on the map locations for dispatch," said Tom Heine, Aljex president. "However, the map uses almost half of the display, which is fine on a PC, but more and more users are using a netbook or small cell phone screen. Non-map view loads faster and makes it easier to read shipment information that's presented spreadsheet-style. Users can quickly switch back to map view if they want to see where their loads are."

Aljex TIN is an online dispatch system for freight brokers, third party logistics providers, and other transportation companies.

Aljex made other enhancements, including a new feature that allows the user to view the weight and number of pieces in the shipment as they pass the mouse over a pro number. When a user passes over the pickup location, the window displays relevant contact information. The same occurs when the mouse passes over the name of the carrier and consignee.

A new support option on the TIN main menu provides a phone number to call, a number to fax, and an e-mail support request form.

The new features are available to all Aljex TIN users at no charge.

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