Easy Load Board has introduced a new web site to help coordinate negotiations between shippers and carriers.

According to Easy Load Board, shippers typically manage shipments via phone, fax or e-mail to solicit and accept competitive bids posted on loadboards, spreadsheet-style documents viewed online.

However, using the new system, a Rate Confirmation Contract is automatically produced when a carrier's bid is accepted. Once the shipper and carrier each review and digitally sign the contract, the posted load is removed from the board.

The new tool allows carriers to do multiple searches for different cities at the same time. A carrier can bid and send a message to the shipper, bidding on multiple loads in each searched location. Once he accepts a contract from a shipper all of his bids will disappear and his search folder is gone. The user's transactions can also be exported into their accounting package, eliminating double data entry.

"Booked loads automatically drop of ELB, cutting down on repetitive calls and staying productive," said Joanne Wilson, agency owner of Quest Global Logistics, Orlando, Fla.

"It's dispatch oriented," said Terry Best, brokerage manager for J & H Trucking. "It eliminates duplicate calls and faxes and, frankly, no traditional load boards lets you handle all the steps like EasyLoadBoard. I'm using this full time."

To visit the site, go to www.easyloadboard.com.