Through a partnership with Codega, the American Trucking Associations has released three new safety videos along with accompanying educational materials.
The new offerings are part of the ATA-Codega ProTraining Safety Series that features educational animation technology, and corresponding workbooks and quizzes to measure comprehension and progress.

"Safety is a top priority for the trucking industry," said Bill Graves, ATA president and CEO. "We are pleased to work with Codega to create this training program to help our industry do its part in keeping the nation's roads safe."

The first video, "Taking a Look at: Drug & Alcohol Awareness" provides professional drivers with a trucking-specific overview of the statistics and federal regulations related to drugs and alcohol. It presents what professional drivers need to know to stay safe and compliant while out on the road.

Another video, "The Mystery of: Interpreting Vital Signs" gives drivers a refresher of the various shapes, colors and types of signs and what they all mean. The video provides a bird's eye view of the real applicability of these signs, and reinforces these important concepts with interactive question and answer periods throughout.

The third video, "Investigating: Following & Stopping Distances" examines critical safety issues including safe following distance and braking distance. Viewers learn the basics of perception, reaction and inertia, as well as environmental conditions and their influence on stopping distance.

The ATA-Codega ProTraining Safety Series is part of ATA Business Solutions, a line of information products, business tools, services, training programs, and conferences specifically designed to address the critical issues affecting trucking companies and fleet operators.

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