Rand McNally is taking its MileMaker software global, with a new offering that allows for route and mile calculation in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

"Nine out of ten Fortune 500 shippers use Rand McNally's MileMaker as their North American mileage standard," said Donna Koppensteiner, vice president of global enterprise solutions, Rand McNally. "As their businesses have expanded globally, they report mileage platforms are inconsistent and not standardized in a manner suitable for freight rating. Many have asked us to develop a global distance solution that addresses their major need for global shipping: accurate, standardized distances to streamline their global IT and business processes."

The new MileMaker Global includes Rand McNally's World Digital Database as well as Navteq maps, which covers 78 countries and territories. It also includes:

* More than 27 million kilometers of roadways
* 1.8 million points of interest and 112,700 Standard Point Location Codes
* Comprehensive data for 198 countries
* Up to 2.7 million unique postal codes
* More than 1,100 airports and 200,000 cities and communities

"A large manufacturer can use MileMaker Global as a one-source replacement for multiple, market-specific mileage platforms, allowing them convenience and consistency in mileage calculation as well as cost savings from using one single product," said Mason Meadows, director of global sales, Rand McNally.

The user can purchase specific data sets depending on which region is preferred. The system comes equipped with all of the same mapping functions as the updated versions.

More info: www.trucking.randmcnally.com