Montreal-based FleetMind Solutions, which develops fleet management technology, has rolled out a new trailer tracking solution that provides information on the location every tractor and trailer in a fleet.

"Fleet managers can now have total visibility into their tractors, drivers and loads at all times," said Martin Demers, CEO of FleetMind. "By installing identifier and reader devices in each trailer and cab, we can communicate detailed and accurate information to the back office system every time a trailer is connected or disconnected. Dispatchers will know the trailer's location, can ensure the right trailers are attached to the right vehicles, are able to track mileage for maintenance planning, and will have accurate and immediate information for customer service."

FleetMind's FleetMap module allows fleets to track the trailer's location in real time when attached to a vehicle. The trailer tracking solutions also stores the date, time and GPS position of all drop and hook activities. The system is integrated with the FleetMind onboard computer, and the tracking data is displayed through the FleetMap and reporting modules.

According to FleetMind, the solution features trailer temperature sensors, door sensors for monitoring unauthorized entry, mileage tracking, tracking of trailer movements in the yard as well as the tracking of up to three devices at once.

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