McLeod has released new versions of its LoadMaster IX, PowerBroker II, and DocumentPower Enterprise offerings.

The company has introduced V9.3 of its LoadMaster IX and PowerBroker II solutions, which both now have a new stored revenue and movement information function. This gives carriers and brokers access to detailed, prorated cost, revenue and mileage information on each order. In addition, a new order entry and movement list provides visibility into freight revenue per mile, total revenue per mile, revenue per total mile, total charge per total distance, pickup/delivery carrier, override pay and extra pay.

McLeod has designed a new order revenue analysis report, which consists of color charts and graphs for a quick visual summary of such information as revenues and distances and volumes.

With the new versions, users of LoadMaster and PowerBroker can access training videos on the software, which are integrated into the systems.

McLeod has also integrated its Private Notification Network with the TransCore 3sixty Connexion web service, to offer carriers PNN tractor updates. This feature allows them to send updates on available tractors to loadboard providers while still managing them through the LoadMaster software. Users can also search TransCore's live loads database. In addition, PowerBroker users can search TransCore's live database of available tractors to more efficiently match customer loads with available power units.

The systems have also been updated with an order status alert function, which allows companies to provide order updates to customers, shippers, consignees, carriers and other remote users.

McLeod didn't stop with PowerBroker and LoadMaster. McLeod Imaging, the company's document management arm, has updated its DocumentPower Enterprise solution, which encompasses document imaging, rendition processing, forms recognition, workflow and report management.

Version 9.0 now includes more than 70 additional features and modules, the company says. The company now offers a touch-screen scanning kiosk module for a company's driver lounge. The new kiosk feature includes the ability to self update, send a confirmation receipt directly to the driver's e-mail address, access scanned documents via the web by confirmation number or date range, and restrict access by requiring a login and password.

McLeod Imaging has also modified its Workflow module by giving users the ability to highlight, add text notes and apply bitmaps right on the image. Within the update, users can also assign a document to multiple indexes without having to scan the document to each index.

The new version is also designed with a more user-friendly application builder, so customers can build their own applications/electronic filing cabinets. A new centralized security system consolidates all Document Power software security into one module, which quickly guides users through the steps to create group policies and assign users.

"Our version 9.0 enhancements will provide customers with a more automated, efficient and secure document management system designed to handle more of the key processes required to support a successful transportation operation," said Tom McLeod, president and CEO of McLeod Software.

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