Xata Corp., Minneapolis, has added a new reefer management capability to its Xatanet fleet management software
. The rollout is part of a more comprehensive trailer-related roadmap that the company has been working on.

The new tool was developed in response to the pressure fleets face with strict temperature standards. The new addition allows fleets to track temperature data throughout a delivery. Xata is teaming with reefer providers in order to integrate reefer data with Xatanet. A trailer-mounted computer, provided by a third party, will collect and communicate data from the reefer back to the Xatanet web host.

"As refrigerated fleets continue to invest in technology to ensure refrigerated product gets to its destination on time, reefer optimization and temperature monitoring are critical," said Tom Flies, senior vice president of product management. "To help meet this need, this enhanced solution gives our customers even more visibility in to their fleets to ensure time sensitive customer needs are met."

A multi-color graph provides the combined temperature data to the fleet. In addition, a detailed report provides specific temperature information at points throughout the delivery process. This report shows that the goods were delivered within the proper refrigeration guidelines and timetable.

More info: www.xata.com